Questions & Answers

Here are some typical Questions & Answers.

How flexible is your system?

As we are the creators of our own IR system developed over 18 years, we are specialists in creating unique solutions for you. We have a rich library of customization options so if you don’t see what you need, let us know

How do I order?

We have a range of standard packages as well as individual pricing in our price list. We can also quote on any customisations that are needed.

How flexible is your system?

We have been providing this service for nearly 15 years and have an extensive library of customisation options. We normally ask for a sample from your designer which can be used as a guideline.

How do I order?

Just contact us and we will send an order form.

How long to setup?

Most times it is only a few days with our standard offerings. A bit longer if require customisation.

It is difficult to implement?

We have a wide range of technical solutions for different requirements. There is no need to install anything on your server as we use standards that are common in the industry.

Most implementations only take a few minutes for a web designer or programmer. In many cases it is as simple as linking to a graphic image or just a web page. Just add your specific link to your website and you are up and running.

A typical link would be:

Other implementations may use iframes such as for news and interactive charts that require Javascript.Our programmers can assist with the different options

What formats do you support?

We have a wide range of methods to integrate our services into your website including Responsive options, RSS, XML, Javascript, jquery, Iframe, REST, JSON, JSONp, HTML5, CSS, jpeg as well as including various CMS systems such as Word Press etc.

What file formats should I provide for the required design?

We accept most formats:

  • GIF – Graphic Interchange Format
  • PSD – Layed Photoshop files

Can you provide XML format?

Yes we can. The standard implementation is based on providing a graphic image as it is the simplest to embed in a website. Other formats are also available and we can quote on any customisations required

Will it match with the target site?

You can tell us the colours and size so that it will blend in with your site.

Will I get a test link?

Yes, we will send a test link so you can see things before implementing on your website. We will need payment in advance for you to release it.

Am I able to make changes later?

Yes. We will quote on any changes from the original specification.

How often is the data updated?

Pricing data is updated with a rolling 20 minutes window.

What data do you provide?

Australian Stock Exchange

  • Stock prices - 20 minute delayed
  • Announcements - - 20 minute delayed
  • Security details (dividends etc) - end of day
  • NYSE, LSE, TSX, SGX, and NZSE data - end of day stock data - last price, charts, quote table
  • Major world indices - end of day
  • Major world currencies - end of day
  • Commodities - end of day
    • Silver in USD/100oz - CBOT
    • Gold mini in USD/100oz - CBOT
  • (Other Exchanges and commodities may be possible on request and quoted separately)